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"The result [of #Article13] will be that a few platforms will be positioned in terms of resources to operate with the related risk and expense." https://t.co/wueIJQatdY

The unanswered question: who are the two Duke University faculty members who wanted PICTURES and NAMES of the students who spoke Chinese so they could “remember them if the students ever interviewed for an internship or asked to work with them for a master's project”?

The Economist awards its idiot of the year to Boris Johnson: “He failed miserably as foreign secretary ... a demagogue not a statesman, he is the most irresponsible politician the country has seen for many years.”

So @theresa_may got a an absolute kicking tonight.

She made her pitch to the the EU leaders and they basically said no.

Compare and contrast. Ugly. #Brexit

Jeg elsker nobelprisene. Hvert år blir jeg like gira og like glad på vegne av en drøss med mennesker jeg (som oftest) aldri har hørt om før. Se på dem, da! Se hvor fine de er, forskerne.

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